Phil Heath about proper exercise technique and training back

In a conversation with FLEX, Phil Heath talks about the importance to learn how to do the exercises and the evolution of his workouts.

Phil Heath on proper exercise technique

FLEX: How important is proper exercise technique?
Phil Heath: It is crucial. At the beginning you have to learn how to do the exercises. Then constantly keep track of your form to make sure you’re doing everything right for your body type.

Everyone says “practice – the way to perfection.” I do not believe in it anymore. Perfect practice – this is the way to perfection. Otherwise, you can create bad habits that you hook in the gym every day. You go to the gym for a training schedule, you have a high intensity, you know your sets and reps, exercises, but, in fact, you only get 50% of the efficiency of your reps. This means that you have bad habits. Your path of perfection is incorrect.

People say that they ran into a plateau. Rather, they should review their technical execution of exercises. Usually, people do not ask to see their technique. They are too proud to do that and they will continue to believe they are doing everything right, the repetition of repetition. Thus they have no way of knowing how things really are.

I always see in the hall the guys who shoot themselves with the phone camera and it is often annoying. I said, “You learn yourself or admire you?” Even a guy like me, with all the video that made for, I usually look at them and criticize my own form. How does it work? How can it get better? I always ask myself such questions. Maybe I want to change the very minor things, but I want it to be perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect.

FLEX: How has your training since you became a professional in 2005? People said that the back – your weak spot.
I was much smaller then. I increased the weight and improved my body every year. By this, we can understand that changes have occurred in my back with all of my physique. I gained about 40 pounds (18,14kg) muscles. I became more everywhere. But as for my back, then this just had to be a little bit smarter and realize that this should produce a fairly constant voltage for a large pump. For me, work is a combination of free weights and exercise machines for the back, it’s all about form. Once again, perfect practice makes perfect.

For the reason that you do not see your back when her train, you need video and photos. You have to learn how to actually keep a constant tension in the muscles of the back and other muscles. Once you learn this, you have to keep this voltage for a repetition of repetition. Work on the back, made correctly, it requires concentration. It’s not just about how to lift weights. You have to work out your back, but your weights. My back is improving every year, because I learned how to train it properly to keep the tension in the back. Once you learn this, you should not lose it, and eventually your back will increase more and more.

On my own I want to say that these are the words of a champion. The highest level. But when man first holding rod, he is unlikely to understand and feel how to pick it up to work on targeted muscles. The first steps of the child is always uncertain, precarious, awkward, but then … In this, truisms – it is the knowledge and wisdom accumulated by mankind. Practice makes perfection (English. Practice makes perfect).

Cardio for Fat Burning

Cardio training is a very effective way to burn excess fat. Let’s consider some important aspects: how much cardio should last, how to spend it correctly when it is best done? And just a little physiology.

How much cardio should last for weight loss?


If you want to lose weight through cardio, then you have to train in this mode every day. My answer is – as long as possible. Do not take just so literally. I just wanted to emphasize these words, that the mode of cardio is necessary to train for a long time. It may be an hour, and preferably two. But! There are some very important nuances.

How to spend it properly?
Work must be a pulse of 110 to 150 beats per minute. Ideally, this can be calculated using the formula 220 – age x 0.6 (or 0.7) = either pulse. In such processes the formation of the pulse energy in the body, muscles, occur with oxygen, which is rapidly transported into the mitochondria, where the energy is released. The energy we get from during cardio and muscle glycogen from fats. This once again is your goal – getting rid of fat. More such training strengthens the heart. How and why this happens can read the article about the training of the heart.

When her best done?
Effectively carry out cardio workout before breakfast. When you are on a low-carb diet, the body spends night received during the day with energy and food in the morning all the stocks it almost nil. If at this time do not intense, but long cardio workout, your body will have to use fat as an energy source. Be sure to take before training portion of whey protein isolate, it will help protect muscles from damage. The body uses the amino acids of the protein for energy, rather than destroying muscle.

One more time for fat loss – is training in the evening, before dinner, but after accepting an amino acid or whey protein isolate.
In the extreme case, exercise when you can.

If the exercise of the cardiovascular system, then choose a time when you feel most cheerfully.

Many people think that if they become on the treadmill or orbitrek, immediately begins to melt fat around the waist or hips. But this is not true. As I wrote above, the fuel for the muscles, and what are the main muscle glycogen. Fatty acids are used in a much lesser degree.

In order to use the body fat began intensively, it is necessary greatly deplete the glycogen stores in the muscles. It can happen in one training only 2 hours is very intense exercise, heart rate at which higher than recommended for cardio. But, this kind of stress is very stressful and draining the body as a whole.

How to proceed? The output is an old truism fitness – cardio plus diet. By following a low-carb diet, you will get the desired fat burning energy shortage in the body. Features of low-carb diets, read the article “How to relief muscles? How dry? “. Such a diet will decrease glycogen stores in muscles up to a critical level, after which the body starts to use the reserves of energy stored as fat. And in this state, with the exhausted muscles, you start cardio workout. And at this point, and throughout the workout, the body begins to use fat intensively than ever, there is no other exit, take energy in the right quantity and with the necessary speed of its formation more than nowhere. Although the body can use protein for muscle energy production, but that you do not need. To avoid this, take to Cardio amino acids and whey protein isolate.

Another important point. During training, there is an intensive sweating, this is not necessarily drink carbonated mineral water after a workout and small sips during class.

Sports nutrition

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Calorie Calculator to set weight and weight loss

The most common cause of failure for weight loss, as well as in the recruitment of the masses – this is not the correct calculation of calories. About 30% reduced calorie slimming insufficient, whereas when the set mass insufficient calorie takes about 40% of people!

Calorie Calculator to set weight and weight loss

Due to numerous complaints about the lack of progress related to the same cause – wrong calculation of calories, experts Sportviki created an expert system to calculate the calories based on your weight, body fat, metabolic rate and athletic goals.

The algorithm was developed for calculating MD Mifflin and ST St Jeor. The study American Dietetic Association in 2005, the formula MD Mifflin and ST St Jeor recognized as the most accurate.

MD Mifflin, ST St Jeor, et al.
“A new predictive equation for resting energy expenditure in healthy individuals.”
J Am Diet Assoc 2005: 51: 241-247.
Precision methods

Despite the fact that this algorithm uses the exact formula, the error of the results can be quite high. This is due to the fact that reliably determine the metabolic rate and locomotor activity is not possible. For this reason, the results are only a guideline character.
How to use the results of the system?

Start losing weight or weight set with calorie diet, which recommends the system.
When dialing muscle: if the mass does not change after 1-2 weeks – increase caloric intake by 200 calories. If the pace set weight will still not satisfactory, add another 200 calories. Continue to increase the caloric content as long as the weight starts to grow in the right place for you.
When losing weight: as in the previous example, if the weight does not decrease after 1-2 weeks, reduce caloric another 100-200 calories. Continues to decline as long as the weight starts to decline.

The recommended rate of weight loss: not more than 3-4 kg per month.
Recommended speed dialing weight: not more than 3-4 kg without the use of anabolic steroids.
Basic Concepts

Basal metabolic rate – the number of calories required only to maintain the full functioning of the body alone.
The total daily energy expenditure – the sum of calories that are spent on basic metabolism + calories spent on locomotor activity.
The recommended calorie diet – calorie diet that you need to achieve athletic goals. Calculate the caloric content of food can be found here.

We apologize for the bad design. Developers site – doctors who do not attach importance vikelevke, all efforts aimed at improving the functionality of the system.

Training for health

Furrow Inet I have often seen how users ask such a simple question: “How to train to be healthy?”. So I decided to write a post on this topic, as I understand it.

Exercising of this method results in the championship should not count, but to be in good shape, fit and slim – it’s real.

Training for health differ from the training of professional athletes. These differences in training intensity and load.

To train health is important to remember one rule – such training should be fun. If the load is such that it must endure exhausted – it’s overkill.


Many people know that frequent load limits, such as that of professional athletes, leading to deterioration of various body systems. In this pro athletes to reduce the negative impact of a competent use pharmacological support. When training, which I will write more such wear is not observed, but on the contrary, positive changes.
Now the specific recommendations.

At the beginning of training on cardio to warm up for 5 minutes, easily, not intensive.

Select 6-7 basic exercises that will allow during a workout to involve all major muscle groups.

I recommend doing the exercises according to the method of circular training. More about this method, read the article “The training program for weight loss pie”. But this does not mean that immediately begin to lose weight. Just this kind of training is effective for weight loss, which is accompanied by a competent diet.

The number of approaches in each exercise 3 to 5. Ie circles will also 3-5.

The number of 10-12 reps.

Watch out for the heart rate: hold in the range of 120 – 150 bpm. min. Do not let go up to 180 beats. min. Why this heart rate, see the article “How to start training.”

Weight burdens should not be large, but one that will keep the heart rate of 120 – 150 bpm. min. The average weight is about 50% of the single peak. You can even try out once a month to slightly increase the operating weight. For example, in the bench press is not more than 2.5 kg. This way you can gradually become stronger. A general guideline for increasing the load and intensity – a reduction in heart rate at the same load.
Exercises done in accordance with proper technique execution, which see the section exercises. Proper technique can reduce the stress on joints and ligaments.

Work can be 3 – 4 times a week.

Exercises can be changed, for example, every month. When eventually you learn a lot of different exercises can be carried out at least every workout with new exercises.

You can complete cardio workout on the simulator 15 – 20 min. and the same with the heart rate, which mentioned above.

After such training can be easy, pleasant tiredness. The body will get a mild stress and release hormones respond, and one of them – a growth hormone that rejuvenates and restores our body.

It is safe to say that such training prolong life.